World Cycling Day in Tervuren

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Tervuren also celebrated World Cycling Day on 3 June. And Fietsersbond Tervuren was out in force with an official applause team.

“We gave a thunderous applause to all the people who traveled by bike during the morning rush hour. After this standing ovation, cycling students and commuters probably forgot for a moment that it was Monday. Hopefully, they arrived at their destinations in good spirits,” said Fietsersbond Tervuren.

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The cyclists also handed out apples to lucky passersby, although there wer no croissants as in previous years. “The bakery was closed,” said Gui Pleysier, chair of Fietsersbond Tervuren, and also a fan of the excellent De Kimpe on the Brusselsesteenweg.

In addition to giving out apples, Fietsersbond Tervuren’s Jean-Pierre quickly went home to get emergency road signs. This was necessary because MIVB works had forced cyclists heading to Brussels to ride on the road next to cars traveling at a speed of 70 km per hour. The police eventually responded to the cyclists’ call for help.