Small town Tervuren weighs trash costs

Next year, Tervuren shifts to techie bins that weigh household residual waste to cut trash sent for incineration. If not designed well, residents may balk at bills when upgrading lifelong trash habits despite environmental benefits from less rubbish incinerated.

Province delays Tervuren’s McDo closure

Vlaams-Brabant’s senior politicians decided, on Thursday 1 February, to delay, for up to 60 days, a decision on the permit request submitted by McDonald’s for a fast-food outlet near Tervuren’s park and African museum.

Tervuren internationals meet up

Tervuren internationals meet up on Monday, January 29. Tervuren+ spoke to Dace Kalnina, moderator of the Facebook group ‘English-Speaking Community Tervuren’. She says there’s no fixed agenda for the meeting, but one idea floating around is how to encourage the town’s dismal 17% registration rate for non-Belgian voters.