Milk farmers vs Tervuren commuters

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Getting out and back to beautiful Tervuren will once again be difficult today. Farmers are back with their tractors. Tervuren+ expects heavily congested traffic as well as possible clashes between demonstrators and police forces, especially around Schuman and the European Parliament.

Taking the metro? Brussels’ public transport Mivb have not announced closure of Tervuren’s very own tram 44, or the 39. And the Mivb is not advising us to walk or get on our bikes in Brussels. Still, the Schuman metro and train station may be closed as farmers try to impress their demands on agriculture ministers.

Maalbeek metro too may have its exits  closed in case of incidents.
Driving? The tunnels Reyers and Cinquantenaire have not been closed this time. And the Wetstraat/rue de la Loi between the Schuman roundabout and inner Ring is apparently still open despite warnings if dairy farmers coming from as far afield as Lithuania and Italy. No closures have been announced for garages on Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi.

Problems are expected until late in the afternoon.

Copyright (farm protest photos only): EU, 2024.Source: EC - Audiovisual Service. Photographer: Christophe Licoppe

The mass exodus from the agricultural sector must be stopped, because it threatens food sovereignty and food security in the EU, says the organizer, the European Milk Board.

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Copyright (farm protest photos only): EU, 2024. Source: EC Audiovisual Service. Photographer: Christophe Licoppe.