Milk farmers vs Tervuren commuters

Getting out and back to beautiful Tervuren will once again be difficult today. Farmers are back with their tractors. Tervuren+ expects heavily congested traffic as well as possible clashes between demonstrators and police forces, especially around Schumann and the European Parliament.

Garage Sale now three years old

You wouldn’t think it but the Tervuren garage sale was first organized in May 2021 by Transitie Tervuren with some 220 participants. That was in the midst of Covid masks with sellers and buyers required to disinfect their hands before handing over money, holding materials and the like.

Tervuren political campaign heats up

A shock for Tervuren’s campaign has been the campaign photo of 34-year-old Anna De Smedt of Vossem, taken in front of the Acropolis, where the concept of European democracy blossomed in fifth century BC. But De Smedt’s Tervuren campaign photo poses questions about how new Flemish party ‘Voor U’ sees gender equality in politics.

Legendary Willy De Page on sports, art

“I practically grew up in the garage. We started selling Volkswagen and Studebaker, then taking up Audi,” he tells Tervuren+. Judo was another of passion, also as the founder of Tervuren’s judo club, along with a keen interest in cycling. “I’ve had a few falls recently,” he adds.

Historic park bridge edges to finish

Restauration works on the historic bridge on the Keizerinnedreef in Tervuren park should be completed this summer. Delays have been caused by the need to carry out more in-depth restauration than previously envisaged.

European party Volt sets up Tervuren branch

Member of the European Parliament Sophie in ‘t Veld was in Tervuren on 6 May to launch Volt Tervuren, a local section of the pan-European party. “Establishing a local branch of Volt in Tervuren is crucial as it brings our European vision closer to citizens, enabling concrete local action,” says in ‘t Veld.

Tervuren’s fantastic flower market

In just under three years, Sandra’s Flower Lady has become a key figure on Tervuren’s Markt. But was setting up shop in the midst of Covid uncertainties not a bit risky? “If it’s your dream and passion, you don’t care. You know it’s going to be a success,” she tells Tervuren+.

New book by EU correspondent Mathijs Schiffers

Schiffers first stayed at Tervuren’s Rastrelli hotel in 2019 while searching for a home and school for his children. In many respects, Tervuren surpasses London, where he relocated from five years ago. “Trying to raise a young family in London is almost impossible. It’s so expensive, and the housing quality is poor,” he tells Tervuren+.

Praline freedom for Cacao Tree’s Myck

Myck studied to become a chocolatier in Wemmel. The Cacao Tree in the Kerkstraat, next to the butchers, regularly sees VIPs, including a local prince, top politicians and lots of normal Tervurenaars, of course. “The clients are great,” he says.