Milk farmers vs Tervuren commuters

Getting out and back to beautiful Tervuren will once again be difficult today. Farmers are back with their tractors. Tervuren+ expects heavily congested traffic as well as possible clashes between demonstrators and police forces, especially around Schumann and the European Parliament.

New book by EU correspondent Mathijs Schiffers

Schiffers first stayed at Tervuren’s Rastrelli hotel in 2019 while searching for a home and school for his children. In many respects, Tervuren surpasses London, where he relocated from five years ago. “Trying to raise a young family in London is almost impossible. It’s so expensive, and the housing quality is poor,” he tells Tervuren+.

Ski Hut placing is ‘question of weeks’

The €2.5 million ‘Ski Hut’ could now be placed within “weeks”, the Flemish public works agency, De Werkvennootschap, says. The Vier-Armen pedestrian and cyclist bridge was originally scheduled for installation on 15-17 March. The wooden bridge is part of the F29 fietssnelweg, or cycle motorway, between Tervuren and Leuven.