Tervuren’s historic bridge back in September

Works were delayed because the restoration of parts such as the balustrade, wind bracing, and brackets took longer than expected. “These components were found to be in worse condition than initially assessed, a discovery made after sandblasting off the old layers of paint,” Nele Heerwegh from Belgium’s federal property agency told Tervuren+.

Town hall launches the Tervuren app

The Tervuren app may not be for you if you’re still learning Dutch. The best thing is to use the federal app at https://mygov.be. Once fully developed, you should be able to access the same federal documents, also in English, French and German.

Milk farmers vs Tervuren commuters

Getting out and back to beautiful Tervuren will once again be difficult today. Farmers are back with their tractors. Tervuren+ expects heavily congested traffic as well as possible clashes between demonstrators and police forces, especially around Schumann and the European Parliament.

Music returns to Tervuren

“‘t Hof Tervuren was one of the first festivals during the corona years — a free festival with a beautiful lineup and a stunning location, ideal for kicking off the local summer,” says mayor Marc Charlier.

Garage Sale now three years old

You wouldn’t think it but the Tervuren garage sale was first organized in May 2021 by Transitie Tervuren with some 220 participants. That was in the midst of Covid masks with sellers and buyers required to disinfect their hands before handing over money, holding materials and the like.

Tervuren political campaign heats up

A shock for Tervuren’s campaign has been the campaign photo of 34-year-old Anna De Smedt of Vossem, taken in front of the Acropolis, where the concept of European democracy blossomed in fifth century BC. But De Smedt’s Tervuren campaign photo poses questions about how new Flemish party ‘Voor U’ sees gender equality in politics.

Historic park bridge edges to finish

Restauration works on the historic bridge on the Keizerinnedreef in Tervuren park should be completed this summer. Delays have been caused by the need to carry out more in-depth restauration than previously envisaged.