Province unanimously rejects McDonald’s in Tervuren

The deputation has indeed unanimously refused the environmental permit,” deputy and provincial councilor Ann Schevenels told Tervuren+. The Flemish liberal from Keerbergen thereby confirms reports that all of Vlaams-Brabant’s four ‘deputies’, nominated by their respective political parties, deciding against McDonald’s.

Are Tervuren’s ‘cycle streets’ safe for children?

“Parents should be able to let their children cycle to school with peace of mind,” education alderwoman Kristina Eyskens said when announcing Tervuren’s €175,000 so-called ‘cycle streets’ and ‘cycle suggestion paths’. “We are literally giving cyclists a place on the road,” added Bram Peters, mobility alderman.

Checkpoint Tervuren till 2025

The Duisburgsesteenweg should be closed well into 2025. Holding up the reopening of Duisburgsesteenweg are complex foundation works for new luxury Panquin appartments and thorny legal questions of whether or not Tervuren should chip in for road repair costs.

Small town Tervuren weighs trash costs

Next year, Tervuren shifts to techie bins that weigh household residual waste to cut trash sent for incineration. If not designed well, residents may balk at bills when upgrading lifelong trash habits despite environmental benefits from less rubbish incinerated.