Tervuren’s summer festivals continue

Tervuren is gearing up for another music festival with ‘t Hof Tervuren starting on Friday 12 July, offering three days of free music ranging from funk, reggae, Jamaican ska, disco, pop, and more, including a performance by Mydonna. And there’s more to come over the summer from a music and foodtruck festival, Duisburg and Vossem festivals. There’s even the shooting of the film ‘How to Kill Your Sister’ in Vossem.

Choosing Tervuren’s next mayor

Choosing the next mayor appears less about how Tervurenaars vote, but whether or not the party holding the balance, Groen Tervuren, once again opts for the N-VA or decides to favour Voor Tervuren, the local fusion between Flemish liberals and Catholics. Come what may, the choice of mayor appears limited to Flemish nationalist N-VA’s Marc Charlier or Flemish liberal Thomas Geyns.

Tervuren gets mobile sunscreen dispenser

Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing types of cancer in Flanders. “As a municipality, we have a preventive role. That’s why we’ll use this mobile dispenser during activities and events,” says Lut. One in six Belgians faces skin cancer before the age of 75, mainly due to exposure to the sun.

Mini foot also gets sports money

The mini football pitch in the Ravenstein district, behind the KAT, is once again in tip-top condition, thanks to a thorough renovation. Sport obviously remains important for Tervuren for our politicians, ahead of October town hall elections.

Legendary Willy De Page on sports, art

“I practically grew up in the garage. We started selling Volkswagen and Studebaker, then taking up Audi,” he tells Tervuren+. Judo was another of passion, also as the founder of Tervuren’s judo club, along with a keen interest in cycling. “I’ve had a few falls recently,” he adds.

New book by EU correspondent Mathijs Schiffers

Schiffers first stayed at Tervuren’s Rastrelli hotel in 2019 while searching for a home and school for his children. In many respects, Tervuren surpasses London, where he relocated from five years ago. “Trying to raise a young family in London is almost impossible. It’s so expensive, and the housing quality is poor,” he tells Tervuren+.

Praline freedom for Cacao Tree’s Myck

Myck studied to become a chocolatier in Wemmel. The Cacao Tree in the Kerkstraat, next to the butchers, regularly sees VIPs, including a local prince, top politicians and lots of normal Tervurenaars, of course. “The clients are great,” he says.