Praline freedom for Cacao Tree’s Myck

Myck studied to become a chocolatier in Wemmel. The Cacao Tree in the Kerkstraat, next to the butchers, regularly sees VIPs, including a local prince, top politicians and lots of normal Tervurenaars, of course. “The clients are great,” he says.

Tervuren pond ran dry next to Panquin

It remains unclear whether or not the pond and our fauna and flora has fallen victim to constructions works for Panquin’s luxury appartments. Workers there have been constantly pumping water away on the other side of the Duisburgsesteenweg. One theory is that the constant pumping, to clear water for Panquin’s basement, has pushed the water level under that of the pond’s natural spring.

Golf Park Tervuren gets €55k to cut CO2

The province if Vlaams Brabant is giving Golf Park Tervuren €54,809 to cut CO2 emissions by installing solar panels, electric mowing robots, more bicycle parking, sustainable water management and increasing biodiversity on and around the course.

Tervurenaar founds Party for the Trees

No stranger to politics, Luk is also the founder and first chair of a Groen Tervuren, completely separate from today’s Groen+. In 2019, Luk received 1,496 preferential votes as lead candidate for the Flemish Parliament for DierAnimal.