Moorsel loses battle of the buses

De Lijn is only offering a single new bus line after it scraps existing buses 316, 318 and 616 from 2025. The new R81 goes through Moorsel to Brussels’ North Station every half hour on weekdays and every hour on weekends in both directions.

Storm Louis leaves Tervuren for the Dutch

Storm Louis quickly left Tervuren moving northwards to batter the Dutch. One reader reported a fallen tree on Moorselstraat cutting off Moorsel from Vossem and Tervuren. The street was quickly and expertly cleared and made safe by town workers.

Lucie at So&Zo on the Brusselsesteenweg

You can’t be more of a Tervurenaar than Lucie. She has run the gift and cookery accessory shop on the Brusselsesteenweg for over 20 years now. And before that, she ran a shoe shop in the Hoornzeelstraat for over 40 years.

Tervuren mayor talks traffic jams

Tervuren’s mayor Marc Charlier is hoping for traffic to run smoother on the Tervurenlaan after meeting contractors and the public company responsible for Brussels’ trams — the Mivb.

Moorsel fights alone to keep buses

Moorsel already fears the worst from January 2025. Flanders public bus company De Lijn could formally announce, on 21 February, De Lijn could formally announce an end to the three bus lines (316, 318, 616) that serve Moorsel . The loss of bus 616 alone terminates the popular service to the airport from Leuven, via Moorsel, which started in 2007.